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WhatsApp Integration

  • DMS enables mobile phones, not just PC to interact.Think of the convenience.
  • Access, upload, archive, activate workflows

Advanced Search

  • Automated Indexing of searchable PDF, Automatic OCR of all scanned documents
  • ​Custom Tagging by users to facilitate retrieval.
  • ​Existing documents can be digitalized and made available for digital access via search.
  • ​Categorization for multiple departments use breaking the physical documents barrier of one person use at a time.


Automate Business Processes with Workflows

Beat the labour shortage

Upgrade staff with new digital skillsets including AI

Reduce human touchpoints to cut clerical tasks

Make staff into decision makers and eliminate manual inputs with plenty of errors


Documents secured with role based access controls

All access are logged and monitored and available on phones & desktops

Document access and retrievals via WhatsApp too


Minimize capital expenditure


Document versioning

Automated versioning with audit trail.


Document AI

ChatGPT like integration

AI to enable unstructured queries and immediate responses

Discover hidden values in your data


Document Linking and referencing

Holistic views of transactions and events via documents


Accounts Payable Processing

2-ways matching of incoming Invoice to incoming Delivery Orders

Searchable PDF invoices or scanned Invoices are data extracted and displayed side by side on your monitor for human verifications and approval.

Delivery Orders are scanned and data extracted and presented side by side on your monitor for human verifications and approval.

The Invoices and Delivery Orders including line items are matched digitally and then exported as spreadsheet or API into your accounting system for payments or inventory input.

Manual input is eliminated.

Invoices are re-calculated with quantity, unit prices, sub-totals and Invoice Total.

3-ways matching of Incoming Invoices to Incoming Delivery Orders to own Purchase Orders

Similar to 2-ways matching above; with additional matching to Purchase Orders and human verifications and no more manual input.

Line items are compared, re-calculated and human verifications needed to spot variances. No need for manual work at all.

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