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About Us


When designing and delivering our services and products, we are guided by this principle:
              'Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you.'

We strive to understand our customers' needs and wants, communicate clearly, and establish mutually agreed-upon expectations that are measurable and accurately understood."

Then Only

                A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Our Story

Our story began with a fascination with computers and the office revolution: spreadsheets, Word, graphic design, and emails. Then mobile phones became smartphones, and computers shrunk to be in the hands and pockets of everyone, everywhere, and available anytime. Emails connected business relationships, and SMS, like spiders, spun webs across friends and more.

The huge, big wave came when WhatsApp brought text, images, and sound together across continents without distance charges. It made everyone available at all times, and messages were more often read within a few minutes by everyone.

We saw the opportunities: automated chatbots on WhatsApp that are absorbed and integrated into the business environment, enabling productivity, lowering costs, and yet keeping records. We integrate your WhatsApp messages into your calendars, spreadsheets, and databases, making them available for record-keeping – all without sacrificing the privacy of your employees' personal WhatsApp accounts.

The mother of all innovation will be Artificial Intelligence infused into all business transactions, events, and results. This is where Epiklah has positioned itself to provide for our customers.

This is our latest journey into the world of AI.  And we have only just begun.


Meet The Team

The Epiklah team has one primary singular adjective as a guide:  Happy.
We need to be happy to create, innovate, simplify and deliver happy services and happy products to make our customers happy.  

Happy customers will beget more happy customers!  

Referrals make us Happy.

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