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DMS WhatsApp Chatbot Add-on

DMS WhatsApp Chatbot Add-on

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DMS WhatsApp chatbot - to chat upload and retrieve your documents
Chat with your authorized documents via a ChatGPT-like system

Process your document with AI Agent

AI to extract key information from the document

User guide:

1. Initiating the Conversation

  • User: Sends "start" to begin the interaction.
  • Chatbot: Welcomes the user and presents a menu of options ranging from "1. Upload Document (Manual Only)" to "11. Cancel."

2. Selecting the Upload Option

  • User: Chooses option "2" for uploading a document using AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) only.
  • Chatbot: Asks the user to select the type of document they want to upload and process with OCR. The options provided are Invoice, Purchase Order, Delivery Order, or an option to go Back.

3. Choosing the Document Type

  • User: Selects "2" for Purchase Order.
  • Chatbot: Requests the user to capture or upload a PDF/image of the Purchase Order document.

4. Uploading the Document

  • User: At this stage, the user is expected to send an image or PDF of the purchase order.
  • Chatbot: Confirms the submission of the document with a notification, providing a URL to view the submitted document. It then repeats the list of options from "1. Upload Document (Manual Only)" to "11. Cancel."
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