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Unified Chatbot for Multiple MCST/Condo Management

If you oversee multiple MCSTs and seek a streamlined solution through a singular WhatsApp chatbot for all users, our offering is tailored to meet your needs. By consolidating management, it not only reduces hosting costs but also ensures a uniform and consistent user experience across all entities.

Leveraging WhatsApp for reliability and speed

Our solution is intricately built upon WhatsApp, a renowned and widely-used messaging platform. By leveraging the stability and promptness inherent to WhatsApp, you can trust in the reliability and swift responsiveness of our system.

No installation requirements

Experience a seamless setup process, completed within hours by our dedicated team. Users simply need to access an online form, register with their WhatsApp number, and provide essential information. With this straightforward process, your users can swiftly and easily start utilizing our application.

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Seamless integration with your existing customer database

If you already maintain customer data, our application seamlessly syncs with your database, enabling users to bypass the registration steps. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience, leveraging your existing information for a seamless onboarding process.

Automated data extraction from files with automatic dispatch capabilities

Experience the ease of uploading multiple invoices or statement of account files to our application, where they are automatically segmented into individualized files for each unit. Our innovative solution goes further by identifying recipient information within the files. Once detected, our app seamlessly dispatches the information via WhatsApp or email, ensuring a swift and efficient communication process.

Effortless Broadcasting of Messages

Easily disseminate files and messages to all residents within specific or all MCSTs under your management through our user-friendly app. Achieve this in just four simple steps, streamlining the process for effective communication

Robust Security Measures

Our server boasts an array of stringent security protocols to ensure comprehensive protection. Every incoming file or transaction undergoes thorough scanning, recording, and encryption to fortify its integrity. Moreover, we conduct regular backups to safeguard your data against any unforeseen circumstances, ensuring its uninterrupted availability and security.

Inclusive Incident Reporting and Visitor Management System

Facilitate efficient incident reporting through our WhatsApp chatbot, enabling residents to promptly report issues. Our responsive system ensures swift resolution by alerting your team. Additionally, our WhatsApp chatbot incorporates a user-friendly yet robust visitor management system. It efficiently registers and records anyone checking in or out of the MCST, enhancing overall security and accountability.

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