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Run Generative AI
On Premise and Boost
Enterprise Productivity

Our open source solution gives you the benefits of Chat GPT without worrying about data leakage. Run AI on your private data securely with our integrated RAG features.​​

Accelerate Generative AI Adoption

Text and Code Generation

The low hanging fruit of Gen AI. With just these 2 features you unlock proven productivity gains.

Text Generation. Generative AI excels in creative writing and automated content creation. LLMs can produce human-like text for various purposes, from generating news articles to crafting marketing copy.

Code Generation. LLM's are trained on a vast corpus of code data from different programming languages, and therefore they're familiar with a wide array of coding styles, idioms, and best practices.

Chat Console Our console gives your enterprise a Chat GPT user experience but with the safety of being on premise and therefore no data leakage.


LLM's are scarce resources you need the protection of who is doing what and when

Give your Data Scientists and Engineers
an API for Innovation​​

Our API gateway allows you to share LLM resources with the safety of a secure audit trail.


A Team Based Approach

No Code - Retrieval Augmented Generation

No Code - Retrieval Augmented Generation

Segmented Data. Teams manage their own data and can decide how best to share it. Data is segregated at the database level.

Self Manage Teams. There are no restrictions on the number of teams and teams are self managed. Team administrators can add new users.

Role Based Access Control Teams can manage the roles a user has from contributer to administrator. A central system administrator role can manage the whole system.


LLM's models are resource intensive you controls to help find issues.

Full Audit Trail

We audit all accesses to your models to help identify issues with performance and rogue processes.


Deploy one of our models or integrate with any provider

Private Cloud or Your Data Center

We fully support both options and can integrate with any provider

Open Source Quantized Models.

We integrate seemlessly with most open source AI models and out of the box we run against LLama 2 7B

Multiple Models

We can run against more than 1 model at a time allowing you to test use cases by easily switching between models

Google, Amazon, Azure...

If you choose to use a provider either from the publi cloud or via a private cloud with have integrations with all the main suppliers.

Multiple Models

We can run against more than 1 model at a time allowing you to test use cases by easily switching between models

Support for PDF, Excel, Word, TXT, and more including OCR

Integration with over 300 Data Sources

Our Data Pipeline API allows you to automate document uploads.


Enterprise Grade Security

Open Source and
Enterprise Ready

Transport encryption, authentication, authorization, data segragation and more...

SSO and Siem Our modular architecture allows us to adapt to your authentication and security needs.

Support Contracts. Peace of mind knowing that the project maintainers are on call to help with your success.

Consultancy We also can help with the full lifecycle of your Generative AI project. Trust the experts.


The easiest enterprise deployment you've ever seen

Try it out on a Laptop and then scale to the data center.

BionicGPT can deploy to a Laptop for testing (docker-compose) and scales seemlessly to Kubernetes for production.

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